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Top 3 reasons you should be Be Wearing Wood Sunglasses

When it comes to picking out new sunglasses, it’s tempting to go to the nearest mall and pick up the pair with the cheapest price tag. But think about it – if the first thing people notice about you is your face, don’t you want them to see something stunning and unique? It’s important that these frames fit not only your face, but also your own individual style – in other words, that they help you stand out from the crowd.

And this is where wood sunglasses come in – not only do they come in all kinds of sleek styles and colors, but they also let your true personality shine. With celebrities like Beyoncé sporting them around town, this is one trend that has consistently gained interest since it first became a thing. And here’s why you should consider getting in on it too, if you haven’t already.

  1. Companies with wood accessories are (usually) eco-friendly

If you’re concerned about taking care of the environment, you’re not alone – not even in the fashion industry. Awareness has been spreading about key environmental issues, such as how much plastic we humans consume on a daily basis. Even our oceans are full of plastic, and the micro-plastic that fish eat eventually gets to the digestive systems of the humans who eat those fish. That’s not good – at all – and doesn’t even touch on the not-earth-friendly processes often used to make plastic products. And then, although plastic can last for seemingly forever – it isn’t biodegradable. Meaning that after it’s thrown out, it just sits in piles, not in any hurry to decompose.

In contrast, wood doesn’t harm the environment – wood is biodegradable, and it’s a natural resource. Not only that, but often the companies selling sunglasses made from wood have policies in place that are environmentally conscious, as well. Here’s where you will want to do your research, though – make sure the company you buy from doesn’t use endangered wood in their designs, or ship lumber all across the globe to make their frames. As long as companies follow ethical practices, you can feel better in your shades, which being made from wood will in itself help you to feel a bit more connected to nature – even in a big city like New York or London.

  1. These shades offer unbeatable comfort and style

As if being earth-friendly materials wasn’t enough, has anyone mentioned lately how comfortable sunglasses made from wood are? They’re lightweight, meaning no tacky marks on your nose, and you can wear them all day at the beach. Often these glasses also have hinges that snap into place, and even arms that adjust to different face sizes and shapes. This is especially great news for anyone who may be allergic to synthetic materials, as you get a double bonus! And did you know that since these glasses are handcrafted, no one else will have the exact same glasses as yours? Talk about exuding style while showcasing your personality! It’s true – since each piece of wood is different, the grain and texture of each pair of shades will also be different. Now not only your beer can be craft – now your sunglasses can be too.

With wood’s growing popularity, companies have been offering a wider variety of designs and colors. There’s also a variety of woods to choose from, including walnut, oak, mahogany, beech-wood and zebra wood. And don’t worry about splinters – each frame is treated to provide a smooth surface.

  1. Their durability is impressive

As with any pair of sunglasses, if you sit on them or run them over with a car – chances are very good they’ll break. Common sense aside, wood typically offers greater durability than plastic as these shades are more likely to survive after being dropped or slid around in your car. That being said, they are wood, so extra care will be needed, and the color may change slightly with age. But a color change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the extra care required only highlights the pride you take in choosing unique, quality shades. Just make sure you have a microfiber cloth (often included with the purchase of these glasses) and follow any specific manufacturer instructions.

Ensuring a quality purchase

As you can see, wood sunglasses are a worthy investment. Not only will you be standing apart from mass-produced shades all your friends and co-workers are wearing, but you’ll also be helping take care of the earth. Reviews of customers show how wood makes a fantastic material for these shades that now come in all kinds of styles, wood options, and colors. For a light, cool feel, check out the Earthshade’s Beech-wood Polarized Wood Sunglasses with Blue Mirrored Lens – with these classy lenses you’ll be sure to get heads turning as you walk by anywhere. And Remember, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!